Novembers Doom Is Streaming Hamartia Online

Novembers Doom will be releasing their tenth studio album, Hamartia, this Friday(April 14th) via The End Records. We’ve already shared the amazing ‘Plague Bird’ and ‘Zephyr’ singles with you over the past few weeks, and thanks to Invisible Oranges, you can stream the ENTIRE album online right now!

Vocalist Paul Kuhr said this on the Hamartia : “It’s always a challenge for a band to push them selves with each album they write and record, and after almost 28 years and 10 albums, that becomes more difficult to achieve. We always set out to write a better album, each time. At the end of the process, we have to be proud of the results, first and foremost, and we know in our own minds if we achieved our goal or not. With Hamarita, I believe we did. The overall sound and flow of this record is cohesive, and solid. I don’t believe there’s been a finished Novembers Doom album I have believed in more than Hamarita. I hope everyone agrees, and enjoys what we have created!

Amazing right?! Pre-order your copy of Hamartia today!