Nosound – Afterthoughts

No Sound - Afterthoughts - Cover Despite forming a decade ago, Italian prog-outfit Nosound have gained a small, but humble following of dedicated fans. Their reputation for producing gorgeous and emotionally evocative music has slowly gained momentum. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Giancarlo Erra, Nosound have received plenty of positive plaudits and with their latest effort, Afterthoughts, they are sure to turn more than a few heads.

Reminiscent of Gazpacho’s March of Ghosts, with a hint of We’re Here… by Anathema, Afterthoughts is a touching, yet heartbreaking record that will resonate with any sense of loss you may carry. Beginning with the fragility of In My Fears, with Erra’s soft, faint vocals resonating over solemn guitar and piano tomes. Displaying their ability to drench emotion over even the simplest of pieces, ‘Two Monkeys’ is a piano-heavy ballad that has a woeful, melancholic atmosphere that evokes a deep sense of tragedy and loss. Despite this rather depressing musical theme, Afterthoughts has a strangely uplifting feel to it, which should be admired and enjoyed in all its grief-stricken glory.


Sarah Worsley

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