Norma Jean – Vanna – Ken Mode – The Greenery: Live at TT The Bears


Norma Jean (6) The Greenery, hailing all the way from California, brought the Cali hardcore scene to Boston. With raw energy behind every song, Matt Lanners demanded everyone’s attention with every word he screamed. What a great way to start off a show with such a killer lineup. Following closely was the noise/sludge group KEN Mode, who have been well-respected on the strength of their recent releases. Having heard so much about this band, I was glad I was given the opportunity to review a show with them on it. The music was a bit slower than any of the other bands on the bill, but a great mix none the less. The drummer and bassist stole the show with not only being about to perform flawlessly, but the way they perform is entertaining in itself. Definitely a band worth checking out if they ever roll through your city!

Boston’s very own, Vanna took the stage with a sort of force to be reckoned with. The energy they have during the set from beginningVanna-10 to end never dropped and the crowd fed off every bit of it. Not one body was standing still. Vocalist Davey Muise was sharing the microphone with anyone who wanted to scream the lyrics with him. He jumped into the middle of the floor into the crowd and had everyone swarm around him while he spoke heart felt words to everyone in the room. They always put on a great show regardless if it’s a small intimate venue, or catering to thousands of kids every day at Warped Tour.

Ending this crazy night was Georgia’s Norma Jean. Ever since the release of Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, Norma Jean was one of those bands who perfected the metalcore genre. From the moment they took the stage to the end was a non-stop shit show. The crowd was screaming along to songs such as ‘Bastardizer’ and ‘Wrongdoers’. The venue went nuts , with people crawling on stage and jumping on top of each other to get a chance at the microphone during ‘Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste’. During the last song, vocalist Cory Brandan Putman was climbing on top of the side speakers, to jump off from, but was cut short due to the security not allowing such a move. Regardless, the show was what I expected it to be, not one disappointed face leaving the venue.



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Words and Photos by Meg Loyal of Meg Loyal Photography