Nicolas Cage Fighter Release “Dead Ends”

Nicolas Cage Fighter has released their new single “Dead Ends”, from their upcoming EP Cast You Out which will be released in January 2021. Check out the visualizer right now!

“Dead Ends” is out now on all streaming platforms and digital stores at

Vocalist Nick Moriarty said that this song “…talks about declaring a change, thus creating a turning point in life for the better. This song follows on from earlier tracks Black Jackal And Devil’s Head which highlight negative symptoms And effects of a poor headspace. Dead Ends is a song we wrote as an anthem of self-determination.”

“Lyrically, it reiterates the theme of the record which is a journey of improving one’s mental health. self-awareness throughout is an important factor of any recovery, it starts with realising you’re the only one who’s capable of creating change for the better. the lyrics show that by recognising the external and internal negativity, continuing along that path is nothing but detrimental.

“This song represents the pivotal moment in the narrative where affirmative actions are taken; such cutting loose the dead weight, shifting out of a negative attitude, and therefore avoiding the spiral towards “dead ends”.”