Nico Santora is Now a Permanent Member of Fallujah

Bay-Area Tech Death band Fallujah has announced in a new video that Nico Santora is now a permanent member of the band. Nico who has been a member of Suicidal Tendencies, toured with The Faceless, and his own band LILLAKE) has been a touring member of the band for a few years, before being invited for permanent status. The bad is currently in writing mode, working on the follow up to Undying Light, their 2019 album out now via Nuclear Blast.


The band commented on Facebook:

We are excited to announce the newest member of Fallujah, Nico Santora (Guitarist as seen withSuicidal Tendencies,The Faceless,LILLAKE). Check out this video documenting some of our history together and most recent writing sessions.