New Music Friday Sneak Preview 1-13-23


Check out our preview of the new music coming out this week!



Admire The Grim – Rogue Five (Inverse)

Ahab – The Coral Tombs (Napalm Records)

Antimozdebeast – Vision (Self-Released)

Anubis – Decreation Day EP (Self-Released)

Azken Auzi – Azken Auzi (Argonauta Records)

Beyond The Black – Beyond The Black (Nuclear Blast)

Crom – The Era Of Darkness (From The Vaults)

Death Engine – Ocean (Code)

Defy The Curse – Horrors Of Human Sacrifice (Hammerheart)

Draken – Book Of Black (Majestic Mountain)

Elusion – The Fundamental Paradox (Self-Released)

Endtime/Cosmic Reaper – Doom Sessions Vol. 7 EP (Heavy Psych Sounds)

The Gauntlet – Dark Steel And Fire (Eternal Death)

Gra – Lycaon (Avantgarde Music)

Guts Club – Cliffs/Walls (Self-Released)

Gyaos:Diabolical – In Accordance With The Prophecy (Self-Released)

Hee Hee Shamone – 4 Good Reasons 2 Punch U In The Face EP (Self-Released)

Hellevate – The Purpose Is Cruelty EP (Self-Released)

Hostsol – Länge Leve Döden (Avantgarde Music)

Invertia – Through The Black Bubble (Self-Released)

Jared James Nichols – Jared James Nichols (Black Hill Records)

Kollapse – Phantom Centre (Trepanation Records)

Kohnerah – Ominous Ubiquitous (Self-Released)

Kommandant – Titan Hammer (ATMF)

Leipa – Reue (Avantgarde Music)

Leper Colony – Leper Colony (Transcending Obscurity)

Limbes – Ecluse (LADLO Records)

Little Villains – Battle Of Britain (Sliptrick Records)

Malo De Dentro – Follow Me (Self-Released)

Moonlight Sorcery – Nightwind: The Conqueror (Avantgarde Music)

NordEnd – A Okay (Dedication)

Obituary – Dying Of Everything (Relapse Records)

Polar – Everywhere, Everything (Arising Empire)

Ropes Inside A Hole – A Man And His Nature (Voice Of The Unheard)

RuinThrone – The Unconscious Mind Of Arda (Rockshots Records)

Screamer – Kingmaker (Steamhammer/SPV)

Slog – Divination (Morbid And Miserable)

The Subways – Uncertain joys (Alcopop!)

Thy Darkened Shade – Liber Lvcifer II-Mahapralaya (W.T.C.)

Turmion Katilot – Omen X (Nuclear Blast Records)

Vanguardian – II: The Heretic (Inverse Records)

Ville Valo – Neon Noir (Spinefarm Records)


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