NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: November 20th New Music Releases

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Aeolian – The Negationist (Black Lion) (Buy)

Aeternitis – Haunted Minds (Wormholedeath) (Buy)

Aqvilea – Beyond The Elysian Fields (Saturnia) (Buy)

Ashen Reach – Homecoming (Self-Released) (Buy)

Avandra – Skylighting (Layered Reality) (Buy)

Aviations – Retrospect EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Bas Rotten – Surge (Raging Planet/To Live A Lie) (Buy)

Beast Within The Sound – Resistance (Slovak Metal Army) (Buy)

Chaos E.T. Sexual – Only Human Crust (Chien Noir) (Buy)

Coffin Apartment – Full Torso Apparition (Silver Stature) (Buy)

Communic – Hiding From The World (AFM) (Buy)

Concede – Indoctrinate (Petrichor) (Buy)

Contrarian – Only Time Will Tell (Willowtip) (Buy)

Cosmonuts – Leaps Of Fate EP (Sliptrick) (Buy)

Crawling Chaos – XLIX (Time To Kill) (Buy)

Dark Psychosis – The Edge Of Nowhere (Moribund) (Buy)

Dark Tranquillity – Moment (Century Media) (Buy)

Darzamat – A Philosopher At The End Of The Universe (Szataniec) (Buy)

Devil’s Desire – The Soul Remains Alive (Self-Released) (Buy)

Empress – Wait ‘Til Night (Brilliant Emperor) (Buy)

Empyreal Sorrow – Praey (Self) (Buy)

Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron (No Remorse) (Buy)

Farer – Monad (Tartarus/Aesthetic Death) (Buy)

Frost* – 13 Winters Box Set (InsideOut) (Buy)

Fuck The Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation) (Buy)

Goatcraft – Mephistophelian Exordium (Hessian Firm) (Buy)

Greenwitch – CosmoSteelBlood Trinity EP (HPGD) (Buy)

Hegeroth – Perfidia (Self-Released) (Buy)

Helvik – Welcome To Hel (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Horncrowned – Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) (Ketzer) (Buy)

Il Rovescio della Medaglia – Contaminazione 2.0 (Jolly Roger) (Buy)

Ilsa – Preyer (Relapse Records) (Buy)

Iron Maiden – Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City (BMG) (Buy)

Jinjer – Alive In Melbourne (Napalm) (Buy)

Kharma – Most Dangerous Game EP (Flatspot) (Buy)

Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

King Ov Wyrms – King Ov Thornes (Self-Released) (Buy)

Kix – Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit (Self) (Buy)

Lie In Ruins – Floating In Timeless Streams (Dark Descent) (Buy)

Light Field Reverie – Another World (Avantgarde) (Buy)

Liminal Shroud – Through The False Narrows (Hypnotic Dirge) (Buy)

Lord Fist – Wilderness Of Hearts (High Roller) (Buy)

Lords Of The Drift – The Arecibo Message (Stay Gold) (Buy)

Merzbow – Screaming Dove (No Funeral) (Buy)

Nader Sadek – The Serapeum EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Odem – Timeless Past Above (Moribund) (Buy)

Omnivortex – Diagrams Of Consciousness (Concorde) (Buy)

Onsegen Ensemble – Fear (Svart) (Buy)

Pain Of Salvation – The Perfect Element: Pt. 1 Re-Release (Inside Out) (Buy)

PG.Lost – Oscillate (Pelagic) (Buy)

Refused – The Malignant Fire EP (Spinefarm) (Buy)

Revenge – Attack.Blood.Revenge Re-Release (Season Of Mist) (Buy)

Schaffer/Barlow – Winter Nights EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Scattered Hamlet – Wishing Well EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Serpents – Anima (BloodRock) (Buy)

Shepherd – First Hand EP (Destruent) (Buy)

Skelethal – Unveiling The Threshold (Hells Headbangers) (Buy)

Sole Syndicate – Last Days Of Eden (Scarlet) (Buy)

Sollust – (In)Versus (Self) (Buy)

Sonic Circus – Everything (Self-Released) (Buy)

Spectrale – Arcanes (LADLO) (Buy)

Stan Bush – Dare To Dream (Cargo) (Buy)

Stormkeep – Galdrum EP (Van) (Buy)

Subterraen – Rotten Human Kingdom (Transcending Obscurity) (Buy)

Suidakra – Lupine Essence Re-Release (MDD) (Buy)

Symbtomy – Demo #1 (Immortal Souls) (Buy)

Thrudvanger – Vegvisir (Trollzorn) (Buy)

Tombs – Under Sullen Skies (Season Of Mist) (Buy)

!T.O.O.H.! – Free Speech (Lavadome) (Buy)

Toxaemia – Where Paths Divide (Emanzipation) (Buy)

White Magician – Dealers Of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur) (Buy)

Witchwood – Before The Winter (Jolly Roger) (Buy)

Without Mercy – Seismic (Self-Released) (Buy)