NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: March 1st New Music Releases

Check out all of today’s new releases in the music world!

A.F.I. – The Art Of Drowning – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Band Of Horses – Acoustic At The Ryman – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Be For You – The Things I Never Told You (Volcano) (Buy)

Chrome Waves – A Grief Observed (Disorder Records) (Buy)

Common – Can I Borrow A Dollar? (MusicOnVinyl) (Buy)

Cypress Hill – Till Death Do Us Part (MusicOnVinyl) (Buy)

Demon Hunter – Peace (Solid State Records) (Buy)

Demon Hunter – War (Solid State Records) (Buy)

Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Live In Berlin (Season Of Mist) (Buy)

Devil Master – Satan Spits On Children Of Light (Relapse) (Buy)

DunkelNacht – Empires Of Mediocracy (Non Serviam) (Buy)

Eremit – Carrier Of Weight (Transcending Obscurity) (Buy)

Ewigkeit – DISClose (Death To Music) (Buy)

Fange – Punir (Throatruiner) (Buy)

Getaway Van – Getaway Van (Self-Released) (Buy)

Gruzja – I Isc Dalej (Godz Ov War) (Buy)

Davy Graham – The Guitar Player (MusicOnVinyl) (Buy)

Hatevirus – Hateful Mind (Self-Released) (Buy)

Hawkwind – Hawkwind (1970) (MusicOnVinyl) (Buy)

Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! (Island Records) (Buy)

In Flames – I, The Mask (Nuclear Blast/Eleven Seven) (Buy)

Lucifera – La Caceria De Brujas (Dunkelheit) (Buy)

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Yn Ol I Annwyn (New Heavy Sounds) (Buy)

Mark Morton – Anesthetic (Spinefarm Records) (Buy)

Merzbow – Venereology (Remastered) (Vinyl) (Relapse) (Buy)

Mike Tramp – Stray From The Flock (Target) (Buy)

Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Nightwish – Dark Passion Play (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Nightwish – Made In Hong Kong – And In Various Other Places (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Nightwish – Once (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Nightwish – Dark Passion Play Re-Release (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Nightwish – Made In Hong Kong – And Various Other Places Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)(Buy)

Nightwish – Once Re-Release (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Overt Enemy – Inception EP (Confused) (Buy)

Pig’s Blood – A Flock Slaughtered (Godz Ov War) (Buy)

Pissgrave – Posthumous Humiliation (Profound Lore) (Buy)

Popiol – Zabobony (Godz Ov War) (Buy)

Queensryche – The Verdict (Century Media) (Buy)

The Riven – The Riven (The Sign) (Buy)

Rock Goddess – This Time (Bite You To Death) (Buy)

Sisters Of Suffocation – Humans Are Broken (Napalm) (Buy)

Sleepkillers – Sleepkillers (Self-Released) (Buy)

Source – Totality (Pavement Records) (Buy)

Tim Bowness – Flowers At The Scene (InsideOut Music) (Buy)

Twin Temple – Bring You Their Signature Sound… (Rise Above) (Buy)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – The Best Of Everything: The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 4lp (Buy)

Ungraven – Language Of Longing EP (Black Bow) (Buy)

Warfist – Grunberger (Godz Ov War) (Buy)

Warish – Warish EP (RidingEasy) (Buy)

Willie Nelson – …And Then I Wrote – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

While She Sleeps – So What? (Spinefarm Records Records, Sleeps Brothers) (Buy)