NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: December 18th New Music Releases

Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

Akhlys – Melinoe (Debemur Morti) (Buy)

Alcest – Écailles de Lune Re-Release (Prophecy)(Buy)

Ashes of Ares – Well of Souls (Self-Released) (Buy)

Archaic Thorn – Eradication (Into Endless Chaos)(Buy)

Black Soul Horde – Land Of Demise (Self)(Buy)

Bonejammer – Do It Yourself EP (Tonewood)(Buy)

Briton Rites – Occulte Fantastique (Echoes Of Crom)(Buy)

Children Of Technology – Written Destiny (Hells Headbangers) (Buy)

DeathOrchestra – Symphony Of Death (Self) (Buy)

Dormanth – Complete Downfall (Xtreem) (Buy)

Eos – The Great Ascension (Brilliant Emperor) (Buy)

Evangelist – Ad Mortem Festinamus (Nine) (Buy)

Fordaerv/Kokain/Bonejammer – Nu Det Nu (Tonewood) (Buy)

George Lynch & Jeff Pilson – Heavy Hitters (Deadline) (Buy)

Gjoad – Samanon (Antiq) (Buy)

Grayceon – Mothers Weavers Vultures (Translation Loss) (Buy)

Hands Of Attrition – Colder Places (Self) (Buy)

Iced Earth – Iced Earth Re-Release (Century Media) (Buy)

Infernal Torment – Man’s True Nature Re-Release (Emanzipation) (Buy)

Infirmum – Walls Of Sorrow (Wormholedeath) (Buy)

Kavyk – Radiant Abyss (Caustic Hollow) (Buy)

The King’s Head – The King’s Head (Wormholedeath) (Buy)

The Kompressor Experiment – KMPXP EP (Sunday Fog) (Buy)

Kult Of The Wizard – Gold (Interstellar Smoke) (Buy)

Mike Tramp – Trampthology (Target) (Buy)

Motivik – Death Of The Gunman (Roxx) (Buy)

Nasum – Blasting Shit To Bits – The Final Show DVD (Selfmadegod) (Buy)

Nihilum – Sunless Death EP (Self) (Buy)

No Return – Live XXX (Mighty) (Buy)

No Year – So Long (Inferior Planet) (Buy)

Old Growth – Mossweaver (Supreme Chaos) (Buy)

One Day In Fukushima/Aftersundown – Barbaric Scenario Split EP (Deevolution) (Buy)

Parricide – Accustomed To Illusion Re-Release (Awakening) (Buy)

Parricide – Crude Re-Release (Awakening)(Buy)

Parricide – Fascination Of Indifference Re-Release (Awakening) (Buy)

Pillory – Scourge On Humanity (Unique Leader) (Buy)

Rlnd – Zealand (Sell The Heart)(Buy)

Royal Hunt – Dystopia (NorthPoint) (Buy)

Saviorskin – Omnipotence Of The Absolute (HPGD)(Buy)

Sonic Taboo – Sonic Taboo (Interstellar Smoke)(Buy)

Stephen Kern – Majestic Kingdom (Sliptrick)(Buy)

Stormhunter – Ready For Boarding EP (G.U.C.)(Buy)

Township – Live At Mad Oak Studios (Tee Pee)(Buy)

Vandampire – The Last Good Thing Has Happened EP (Trepnation)(Buy)

Vrenth – Baptism Death (Rotted Life)(Buy)

Within Nostalgia – Void And Decay EP (Self)(Buy)

Wombbath – Tales Of Madness (Transcending Obscurity)(Buy)

Worlds Beyond – Symphony Of Dawn (Self)(Buy)

Xeno Ooze – Slimewave EP (Bloody Scythe)(Buy)