NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: April 10th New Music Releases

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Abigail/Vulcan – Tyrant Split (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)(Buy)

The Acacia Strain – D (7″) (Rise Records)(Buy)

Archgoat – Black Mass XXX (Debemur Morti)(Buy)

Azusa – Loop Of Yesterdays (Solid State/Indie Recordings)(Buy)

Barrens – Penumbra (Pelagic Records)(Buy)

Benighted – Obscene Repressed (Season Of Mist)(Buy)

Brass Against – Brass Against (Self-Released)(Buy)

Brass Owl – State of Mind (Buy)

Calligram – The Eye Is The First Circle (Prosthetic Records)(Buy)

Curse Upon A Prayer – Infidel (Saturnal Records)(Buy)

Dark Sky Burial – De Omnibus Dubitandum Est (N/A)(Buy)

Dool – Summerland (Prophecy Productions)(Buy)

Drain – California Cursed (Revelation Records)(Buy)

Eat The Day – The Demos (Edison Sound)(Buy)

Ellefson – Simple Truth (EMP Label Group)(Buy)

Failure – Failure 1992-1996 (Digital) (N/A)(Buy)

Gaytheist – How Long Have I Been On Fire? (Hex Records)(Buy)

Grayscale – Season Everything Hurts (We Are Triumphant)(Buy)

HAR – Anti-Schechinah (Blood Harvest Records)(Buy)

High Priestess – Casting The Circle (Ripple Music)(Buy)

Kingsmen – Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. (SharpTone Records)(Buy)

Lamb Of God/Kreator – Split (7″) (Nuclear Blast)(Buy)

Metal Church – From The Vault (Rat Pak Records)(Buy)

Nightwish – Human. :II: Nature. (Nuclear Blast)(Buy)

Primordial – A Journey’s End (Vinyl) (Metal Blade Records)(Buy)

Primordial – Imrama (Vinyl) (Metal Blade Records)(Buy)

Rabid Flesh Eaters – Rabid Flesh Eaters (N/A)(Buy)

Rotting Out – Ronin (Pure Noise Records)(Buy)

Sparta – Trust The River (Dine Alone Records)(Buy)

Symbolik – Emergence (The Artisan Era)(Buy)

Witch Taint – Sons Of Midwestern Darkness (Tee Pee Records)(Buy)

Wolfheart – Wolves of Winter (Napalm Records)(Buy)