Website Providing Networking for Bands, Promoters, Venues and Fans debuts

461133_5396561_947436_image (1) or Northeast Metal Hardcore Punk aims to bridge the gap for bands, promoters, venues and fans in an all-in-one master resource. Founded by New England music scene fixture Rob Santos, the website hopes to serve the thriving regional heavy music scene with a thoroughness that a mere app or social networks alone cannot provide. Eventually the site will add features such as local reviews & classifieds for bands too.

From the press release:

A few months ago I had a vision now it’s come to light The goal was to create a central location where fans, bands, & promoters alike could access information on shows happening in their area on any given night throughout New England. From here you can find what is happening on any night in your state, you can go right to the venue’s page, & eventually you will be able to contact promoters & booking agents directly from here without searching for the information.” – Rob Santos