Mysticum Streaming “The Ether” Music Video

mysticum pic

Mysticum is streaming a music video for “The Ether,” from their 2014 release Planet Satan, out now via Peaceville, here and here.

The band has announced its highly anticipated return to the stage after 19 years, with a main performance at Finland’s Black Flames of Blasphemy Festival on November 14, 2015.

mysticum- planet satan

1. LSD
2. Annihilation
3. Far
4. The Ether
5. Fist of Satan
6. All Must End
7. Cosmic Gun
8. Dissolve to Impiety

mysticum tour poster

In other Mysticum news, a themed restaurant called Planet STN had its grand opening in Guadalajara, Mexico. Under construction for many months, the Planet STN restaurant notably includes a range of Mysticum-spiced delicacies from its menu, an endeavor brought about by the owner’s (undeniable) love for the band, mixed with themes of astronomy and ancient ET civilizations (Annunakkis). The menu mainly features Italian cuisine with an entire burger selection compiled of Mysticum-inspired names, including the irresistible and mouth-watering sounding Annihilation LSD Burger! Reports of Black Magic Mushrooms being included are yet to be confirmed. Check out Planet STN on Facebook here.