MY FAVOURITE CONCERT MEMORY: Thieves of Liberty’s Simeon Robson on Rammstein

Thieves of Liberty, for the unaware, are a badass band from the North Eastern UK, and they rule. Their latest single ‘Medicine Wizard’ is a banger! They are one of the opening bands on the upcoming Fireball sponsored Fuelling The Fire Tour with Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Save Ferris, and DJ Matt Stocks performing every night along with the contest winner of Fireball’s Hottest Band Competition for each city the tour hits. Thieves of Liberty’s Simeon Robson shared her favorite concert memory ever with our readers, centering around a very special night with Rammstein!

When I went to see Rammstein back in 2012 the whole show was absolutely incredible, they had a huge sound that just blew everyone away and the pyrotechnics took it up another notch. They had an amazing entrance, slowly walking around from behind the audience along the balcony then onto the stage. They played two of my favourite songs, ‘Feuer Frei’ and ‘Haifisch’ which were real highlights for me and sounded even better live than they do on the albums. The best part of the set though had to be during ‘Ich Will’, which has crowd vocals in the recorded version as a call and response, so to be part of a live crowd replicating that by shouting ‘wir hören dich!’ (we hear you) etc. was a really spine-tingling moment that I’ll always remember. And of course, let’s not forget the giant penis cannon that their lead singer Till rode out on at the end of the set to shower us all in… foam.’


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