MY FAVOURITE CONCERT MEMORY: Matthieu Kirby of The Sunday Sadness

French dark-Pop Rock band The Sunday Sadness released their Self-Titled debut EP today! On the strength of several catchy singles in a row, the band is generating a lot of buzz in the underground. Vocalist Matthieu Kirby shared his favorite concert memory, a cherished time seeing Chase Atlantic in Paris with Ghost Cult, for our regular guest feature about concert memories! Enjoy the story and check out The Sunday Sadness!

The best concert I’ve ever been to was Chase Atlantic’s show in Paris at Le Moulin Rouge earlier this year. I discovered them a bit less than a year ago and they’ve quickly become one of my favourite bands. I live pretty far from Paris and they weren’t even the headlining band… but I couldn’t miss that show, even knowing that the setlist would be pretty short. As CA is a pretty new band I didn’t expect such a great show nor did I expect such a great response from the audience. As soon as they got on stage the drummer threw a huge drum solo that made everyone go crazy, then Mitchel (the singer) walked on and had the crowd in the palm of his hand, just by shouting a few words. Their sound is pretty soft on their record, but when playing live, they go harder than some rock bands or even post-hardcore bands I’ve already seen in the past. They definitely stole the show; Song after song, I felt the people in the crowd were unable to hold back their excitement, even though they didn’t know this band for the most part. Recently they’ve blown up and played huge festivals. I just can’t wait to see them headlining a show.

The Sunday Sadness

Matthieu Kirby- Lead Vocals

Chris Laurent – Guitars & Vocals

Matt Cutt – Bass

John Fine – Drums & Vocals

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