My Favorite Concert Memory: Sheel Davé Of Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits are releasing their new album this week. Mimi is releasing on August 10th as combination self-release and with the InGrooves label. Since forming in 2007 Bad Rabbits have shared the stage with everyone from Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Aoki, Common, Allen Stone and John Legend to Deftones, Passion Pit, Paramore, 311 and Taking Back Sunday, and tours and festivals including Reading, Leeds, Wireless, Bestival, Roots Picnic, Boston Calling and Afropunk as well as the Vans Warped Tour. Drummer Sheel Davé shares a favorite concert memory with the band.

Deftones, Will Haven, Limp Bizkit at St. Johns Gym in Clinton, Massachusetts (November 27th, 1997)

Deftones – Adrenaline (Maverick) album was just gaining steam. I remember my brother and I first hearing songs off that album like ‘Bored’ and ‘Root’ – realizing that it was something different – something outside the box of the heavy music world, that no one else was doing. I believe it was also around the time when ‘Counterfeit’ – Limp Bizkit single just came out which was refreshing, as well. We felt a new movement happening, which soon became “nu metal” – which Deftones clearly broke out of, very shortly after that wave. We packed a van full of homies and pulled up to the show having no idea what to expect. It was in a fucking high school gym! Imagine seeing all those bands in a high school gym? Mental..I remember feeling innocent and scared because the show was violence on a level that I had never seen before. People were crowd surfing down the rafters into the floor, getting trampled and beating the absolute shit out of each other. We’ve never witnessed aggression at a show before or had ever been exposed to live music in that way, before that. It was the first time we saw a “mosh pit.” It was the most thugged out shit we had ever seen. My brother and I, along with some high school friends started a band shortly after that. It’s even crazier to think that almost 25 years later – that Bad Rabbits would develop a musical friendship/brotherhood with Deftones, who are just as relevant in heavy music, today, as they were when we first saw them.



Bad Rabbits ‘Mimi’ Out August 10th . Pre-order it here.