MY FAVORITE CONCERT MEMORY: Pleiades on The Dillinger Escape Plan, Gallows and More!

Post-Hardcore band Pleiades are releasing their new EP, At Your Mercy via the AWAL label this week, on May 31st. Some of the guys in the band submitted themselves to our unforgiving feature, recounting their single favorite concert ever. Pre-order the EP at this link here,  check out their new video, and their stories.


OJ Riley – Drums: The Ghost Of A Thousand

I saw The Ghost of a Thousand absolutely tear it up in a sweaty little shit warren called Music Box in 2008 and it completely re-shaped my idea of what a band could be like live. There was a criminally low number of people in attendance for a gig that also had Hexes, Blackhole and The Plight on the bill but all the bands showed up big time – none more so than TGOAT. ‘This is Where the Fight Begins’ had been out a year so I knew every song, word-for-word, beat-for-beat, and I was sweating my back out by the end of the second song. Mem Jago was (still is) an absolute monster on the traps and Tom Lacey spent most of the gig out in the sparse crowd. At one point (the absolute crowning moment for me personally), he whipped his mic lead back in after cavorting manically to ‘Left For Dead’, only for it to snag on my mate Ali’s ankle and pull him hurtling into the vital organ-height stage. He got up pretty carefully, wincing as he did so, but Tom Lacey was unharmed and that is all that matters.

A close second: Seeing the lead singer of Klaus Kinski continually smash a sock full of gravel into various parts of his body (including his face) and ending the gig a broken, bloody mess. Great show. {OJ}


Andrew Packwood – Guitar: Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster

I have some incredible concert memories, seeing acoustic Menzingers in a small pub, seeing that 2009 Slipknot Download headline set, getting jumped on by Rou of Enter Shikari on an island in the middle of Budapest. But perhaps the most interesting is seeing Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster at a roller disco in Sheffield…. I’m not even that big a fan of them… and if we’re being honest only managed to see half the set (as I skated towards them), but watching people try and mosh on skates while holding a beer will live with me forever. {AP}


Andrew Calderbank – Vocals: The Dillinger Escape Plan/Glassjaw/Dir En Grey at Sydney Metro.

It was the first time I’d really felt the physicality of being in the middle of the crowd…and Dillinger are the most unpredictable band to see perform. Ben Weinman jumping from his amp into the crowd and having Greg stand on my shoulders while the crowd had his microphone are my most treasured live music memory. I was frightened, but running on pure adrenaline, so nothing really mattered… Seeing Glassjaw for the first time live made it even more special. I also met some of letlive. guys who were there at the show as fans… so it was the perfect gig. {AC}

Josh Edmonson – Bass: Gallows – Moho November 23rd 2010

I don’t remember the support bands but I do remember that it was the first show I had been to with no barriers. From the second they opened the set with “Leeches” the crowd erupted. I was pretty much on stage for the entire set, the whole gig was a constant stage invasion. I was pushed into the drum kit at least 3 times. Circle pits round the staircase near the bar, stage diving and raining sweat indoors. Fucking chaos. It was the first time I’d ever experienced anything like that live so it really left an impression on me.{JE}