My Favorite Concert Memory – Matt Shepherd of The Uncharted

UK upstart progressive metal band The Uncharted releases their debut EP Perspectives tomorrow. We’ve heard from bassist Matt Shepherd about his favorite concert memory ever, seeing Architects in 2008.

“My favourite concert memory has to be seeing Architects back in 2008 at Stoke’s ‘The Sugarmill’ with Dead Swans. This was at a time where there was mega hype around them, but they weren’t at the stage of selling out massive venues etc, so there was no stage barrier or security and the show was completely sold out. It was also one of my first proper concerts I attended and had to travel to, I didn’t live anywhere near Stoke and had to get 2 trains and a bus to get there.

Before the show started myself and some friends ended up bumping into Sam and Ali from Architects, and we ended up chatting for ages about bands, guitars etc. Literally the most humble and nicest people I’ve ever come across. They say not to meet your heroes but this definitely doesn’t apply to these guys.

Once the show started we managed to get right to the front and was blown away at how amazing they were, even back then. I just remember thinking “damn this is what I want to be doing, this is what I want to be a part of” During their set, everyone was stage diving and it was going off, crazy circle pits, crowd surfing the lot. I have never seen a gig like it since, literally the maddest show I’ve ever been to, the energy was unreal. I remember sweat dripping from the ceiling and the floor just been completely drenched ha-ha.

That show was a defining point in my life, something clicked in my head that night making me realise music was something I wanted to pursue and needed to be part of. It lead me on a journey that brought me to meeting the guys and joining the band, to try to recreate what I had been inspired by back at that show. Architects are still a massive influence on both myself and the rest of the band, they have set the milestone of how great British metal can be, which is something we definitely are all striving for. It’s funny how one show can have such a massive impact on you”

Matt Shepherd

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The Uncharted are:

Peter Lee – Vocals

Arron Carter – Vocals

Josh Finch – Guitar

Joe Pronini – Guitar

Matt Shepherd – Bass

Aaron Finch – Keys

Jack Burch – Drums

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