My Favorite Concert Memory: Jon Harvey Of Monster Truck

Monster Truck just released their brand new album True Rockers via the Mascot Label Group on September 14th. We caught up with frontman Jon Harvey to hear about his favorite concert memory, opening for Deep Purple.

I think my favourite show we ever played was in Lille, France. At least it’s the one I remember best. We were supporting Deep Purple in 2017 and a lot of the shows had been good. But funny enough the shows that felt the most mundane were electric! I don’t know if we were more relaxed or if there was no drama that day, but we were all smiles heading into the stage. The place was about half full when we cracked into our first note but 5000 people had the energy of 50000. It was unreal. You could tell the audience was there to have fun. As we muscled our way through the rest of our set the crowd, and it’s intensity, grew to a fever pitch! It was literally the most fun I could remember. The end of the set was just a giant celebration. We were high fiving, the crowd was high fiving, everyone did their job perfectly. It’s weird to have a support set be my favourite gig, but lightning strikes at the most surprising times.

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