My Favorite Concert Memory: Davis M. Shubs Of The Bad Larrys

Davis M. Shubs of Philadelphia rockers The Bad Larrys shares his favorite concert memory with Ghost Cult.

What is your favorite concert memory, from before you were in a band?

I went to see The Mars Volta open for System of a Down in Philly and all the dads stormed off saying like “what the fuck is this Spanish Gibberish music?” And a bunch of other nasty stupid fucking things. So me and my friends snuck down and stole their awesome seats, smoked a fat blunt, and got to watch The Mars Volta (OG line up) super close up. The kid next to us was tripping madddd balllls and tried to crowd surf on a bunch of people who were sitting down, it was funny as shit. Grown men with ponytails and braided beards spilled diet cokes all over themselves, chaos ensued. Also, one of the dads had left all their tickets in a seat’s cup holder, so we pocketed them and left for intermission, came back and told security that our seats had been stolen. Security made these three man children leave when they couldn’t show their tickets. Then we got to all cry when angels deserved to die in lower level seating.

Davis – TBLs

The Bad Larry’s new album HODADS is out now! Buy it from the band here: