MY FAVORITE CONCERT MEMORY: Danny Garland of Phoxjaw

Bristol UK Math rock band Phoxjaw just completed a tour of the UK opening for Black Peaks last week. The band has supported their late 2018 EP Goodbye Dinosaur and earning rave reviews. Bassist/vocalist Danny Garland shares his Favorite Concert Memories ever with Ghost Cult since he couldn’t pick just one!

Danny here from Phoxjaw, and its hard to pick a show that’s been my number one favourite as I have been to more shows than I have strands of hair, and trust me I am nowhere near Phil Mitchell yet. One show that pops to mind has gotta be Rage Against The Machine in Finsbury Park. I saw them twice that week, but this show really stood out. They had a special energy, and I have never seen a place erupt like that before. People were jumping out of trees! They also had an anti-Simon Cowell animation to open their set. Very punk – I loved it.

If not that show, then seeing AC/DC while Malcolm was still in the band was pretty special. Or perhaps travelling to Brighton last minute to watch Red House Painters/Sun Kill Moon singer Mark Kozelek in the All Saints Church. It was a really intimate and special show for me.

Phoxjaw have more news and tour dates coming soon!

Check out the band’s latest single ‘Weapons’:

Buy and stream Goodbye Dinosaur… from the band:

Phoxjaw Goodbye Dinosaur… track listing:

01) The Great Dying

02) Triceratops

03) Lottery

04) Weapons

05) Dinosaur Bones

06) Plastic Wedding


Phoxjaw is:

Danny Garland – vocals/bass

Josh Gallop – guitar

Kieran Gallop – drums

Huw Allen – keys/synth

For more information: