My Favorite Concert Memory: Connor Hallisey Of Our Hollow, Our Home

UK melodic metalcore band Our Hollow, Our Home just released their brand new album In Moment // In Memor via Hollow Music. Vocalist Connor Hallisey shares his favorite concert memory ever, involving A Day To Remember, in a new guest post for Ghost Cult.


Back in 2009, I was fortunate enough to catch two dates on the U.K./Europe leg of A Day to Remember’s ‘Homesick’ tour. I would say seeing ADTR at this point in their career was a dream come true for me, probably due to the fact that I was super obsessed with the band at the time and knew pretty much every line to every song they played that tour.

The show was at a venue called The Orange Box (RIP) in Yeovil, me and a couple of close friends used to pester our parents to drive us out to shows there all the time. It was a few hours away from where we lived but you used to get some incredible bands coming through, from All Time Low to Architects. For the Fallen Dreams and Azriel were supporting that night and the venue was at capacity pretty much from the word go from what I remember. It was the smallest room that must have had no more than 250/300 people crammed into it, but the energy levels from both the crowd and each artist that played were insane. I’d only really been going to hardcore/metal shows a few years at this point, and hardcore dancing was still a pretty new concept for me. I remember seeing all these kids just throwing down, spin kicking and generally losing their shit, and just thinking it was the coolest thing! People still helped each other up, everyone smiled when they looked at you, it was just a show that made me feel like I was surrounding myself with like-minded people at events like this, and was one that solidified how heavy music mean a great deal more to me than something I put on when I’m feeling pissed off, haha.

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Our Hollow, Our Home is:

Connor Hallisey – Vocals

Tobias Young – Guitar/Vocals

Josh White – Guitar

Bobby Brooks – Bass

Nick Taliadoros – Drums


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