Murray The Cretin (Dayglo Abortions) Releases New Album “Covid-19 Nervous Breakdown”

With the lockdown year still fresh in our lives, many artists turned to creativity to ride out the storm. Artists that used to play 250 shows per year suddenly had unexpected free time. Canadian Punk legend Murray The Creatin of Dayglo Abortions used the time to make his debut solo album, “Covid-19 Nervous Breakdown,” which is out now. Purchase and stream the album now!

Murray adds: “This could also be called ‘How I Kept Sane Through the Covid-19 Pandemic While Everything I Do, and Everything That Makes Me Who I Am Was Banned’. I was on tour with The Dayglo Abortions in Western Canada when it all began to unfold, and the lockdowns were imposed the morning after our last show in Vancouver. My first thoughts were…”I’ve been doing this for 40 years, barely making a living, but loving it nonetheless. If this goes on for long I might as well pack it in.” So I went home and even got a job, but the music didn’t turn off. This is a selection of songs I wrote while under lockdown in 2020. Since then I started a new dayglo album, and another with my band Stinkhorn, as well as recording and mixing a few bands on the side. I have decided that I can’t stop making music, so I might as well share what I make. I hope you enjoy this collection of weird songs as much as I enjoyed making it.


Cheers, released April 27, 2021


All music and lyrics by Murray Acton except for Covid-19 Nervous Breakdown, lyrics by Murray Acton, I obviously stole the song from some English band that’s been around even longer than me. I hope they can get over it. I played all the instruments in these songs and recorded it into the Reaper DAW. I played the drums on my Roland VDrums when I couldn’t find the appropriate beats in a library somewhere, and used a handful of vst synth plugins, as well as the ignite Emissary vst amp simulator for guitar and the ignite SHB for bass. Mixing it was the hardest part. It’s way easier to mix other peoples music.


Track list:

You Might Think This is Funny But it’s Snot

Wash Your Fucking Hands

Klein Toilettenpapier

Face Book Bots

A Cold Goodbye

Obsessive Compulsive Attention Deficit Disorder


One Two Three Seven Four

Covid-19 Lockdown Blues

Boredom Has it’s Side Effects

Stop Touching Your Face

Covid-19 Nervous Breakdown


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