More Free Offers of Services for Bands Impacted by Coronavirus Cancellations

The only way the music community is going to come out on the other side of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is by pulling together and helping each other. A lot of experts as saying it’s not going to come back the way it did before, and they might be right. But in the meantime let’s uplift each other and help each other make it through. Ghost Cult scribe and music marketing expert Matt Bacon has pulled together this list from across musicians, producers, journalists, and other music industry folks to offer help.

Matt Commented:

We are in the middle of a crazy time. I just wanted to take the time to compile here a

list of free services you can take advantage of as we try to come together and all help each

other as we face the craziest event in our lifetimes. If you have anything to add or corrections

please email me at


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Who: Dropout Media

Services/Offer: Free 15 minute consulting sessions

Contact: Matt at

Who: The Scorpion LTD

Services/Offer: Free strategy calls.

Contact: Cait at

Who: JV Agency

Services/Offer: Free consulting sessions

Contact: Jaz at

Who: Infecting Cells PR

Services/Offer: Will send out press releases, if you write them (though he is willing to help).

Contact: Keith at

Who: Throne Of Iron

Services/Offer: Will teach you how to set up your band for merch on demand.

Contact: Tucker at

Who: Ty Christian

Services/Offer: Consult on how to launch your patreon.


Who: Alec Head

Services/Offer: Offering to spellcheck bios or press releases AND offer consultation on stage presentation. The dude is a skilled actor.


Digital/Social Advertising

Who: Ghost Cult Mag

Services/Offer: Free advertising to bands on their site IF your tour was impacted by the coronavirus, Contact:

Who: Metal Sucks

Services/Offer: Any band who has had a tour cancelled can get free advertising on Metalsucks

Contact: with the subject line: “CORONER VIRUS”

Who: Overt Enemy

Services/Offer: Will do shoutouts to bands impacted by COVID 19 cancelations on their socials. Contact: Email your social media/music links and how this is impacting your band to

Who: Metal Coffee Promotions

Services/Offer: 2 months free for bands impacted by COVID 19 show/tour cancelations. Metal Coffee Promotions is offering 2 months free for bands impacted by COVID 19 show/tour cancelations. Includes: Interviews for the band + individual interviews for all band members ie. singer, guitars, bass, drums, keys on ‘s Metal Coffee Grinder Blog. Inclusion on the Soundcheck Podcast, Spotify and YouTube playlists + two month PR Push to 6k+ radio stations, blogs, magazines and websites.



Who: Gimme Radio

Services/Offer: Letting any bands impacted by the virus do a show on their platform.


Who: Mission Media Group

Services/Offer: Will shout you out on their socials AND add you to one of their Spotify playlists Contact:

Who: Riff Relevant

Services/Offer: For heavy rock/metal bands they will add you to their playlists, give you Twitter and Instagram shoutouts, will include you in a special feature on bands whose tours were impacted by the coronavirus AND you can be featured in their new “Gear Assembly” series! WOW!

Contact: Get in touch with Leanne at & include all social media & streaming links, & how the pandemic impacted their band.

Who: Seeing Red Records

Services/Offer: Will add you to their big playlist here:

Contact: DM Tom on Instagram here:

Studio / Writing

Who: Bart Gabriel

Services/Offer: If your band was directly affected by coronavirus, he will master ANYTHING for you for CD, Vinyl, Bandcamp/Itunes/Youtube and convert it into your desired format or prep a DDP master for pressing for FREE!


Who: Duncan Evans

Services/Offer: Happy to mix any song for you if they are within a genre he gets (most ‘alternative music’ should be fine)


Who: Charlie White

Services/Offer: offering free songwriting sessions for 10 people


Who: Ryan Williams

Services/Offer: Will master bands for anyone who had a tour cancelled or a song for anyone out of work


Design / Graphic Design

Who: Steven Waddell

Services/Offer: Offering up his designs to bands who want them for merch.


Who: Balmore Lemus

Services/Offer: Will help with graphic design for FB banners and similar.


Who: Sascha Rose

Services/Offer: Offering to use any of his spare art for free. Check out his work.


Who: Amanda Sayah

Services/Offer: Offering free resume designs.


Who: Carlos Crowcell

Services/Offer: Offering flyer design!


Who: Mina Wakure

Services/Offer: Offering to do layouts, graphic design and merch design!



Radio / Podcast

Who: 106.6 The Blast

Services/Offer: Taking guest shows


Who: Rock Assault Radio

Services/Offer: Inviting people onto the show


Who: Fistful of Metal

Services/Offer: Featuring bands affected on their radio show


Who: In Cold Storage Podcast

Services/Offer: Looking for guests


Who: A Fistful Of Faceful podcast

Services/Offer: You can get featured on the show




Who: Lara Gladstone

Services/Offer: Will share her various touring and booking templates made custom for your band. The woman is a genius. You will find this very useful.




Who: Dennis Eikenkötter

Services/Offer: Will write you up on his blog, Schwermetallisch Reviews.


Who: Sleeping Village Reviews

Services/Offer: Will help brainstorm/write/edit band bios/press releases/whatever



Services/Offer: Will feature any younger bands who were affected and are looking for coverage! Contact:

Who: Wojciech Haslo

Services: Will spell check and edit any bio or press release


Who: Unhinged Magazine

Services/Offer: Will cover any band impacted by the coronavirus


Who: Mettle Media PR

Services/Offer: Will offer proofreading and spellchecking of press releases, bios or work resumes. They also offer free 15 minute phone consults and 30 minute FB messenger/text consults, AND a 25% discount on PR campaigns through April 30th.

Contact:, please include all social media/streaming links, & how the pandemic affected them.



Who: Fumarole

Services/Offer: will send a link to buy your merch to their mailing list.


Who: Vidarr

Services/Offer: Offering up free services to create print-ready t-shirt designs for 5 bands from their album art/logos/etc.! These designs can be for DTG or screen print (up to two colors). They also can offer discounted merch printing.

Contact: if you’re looking for designs should email Interested groups for merch production should send an email to:

Who: Eric from

Services/Offer: Eric will set up your bands merch store for free!

Contact: Email him at: and make sure to name drop us so he knows where the referral came from!


Services/Offer: If your band wants a FREE photoshoot and can make it to Lexington, NC



Reaper is offering a temporary license, go here to claim:


Who: Gramma Vedetta

Services/Offer: Will shoutout any band

Contact: just explain how you were affected.

Services/Offer: The Moog Model D synth and the Korg Kaossilator apps are free on the app store!

Services/Offer: Build out your EPK using these guys awesome EPK builder:

Grants / Relief Fund