More Details About Manowar’s Karl Logan And His Child Pornography Arrest Revealed

After last week’s startling news that Manowar’s Karl Logan was arrested on child pornography possession. The 53-year-old was arrested on August 9th in Charlotte, NC and charged with six counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. A bail was set to $35,000, which he has since bonded out. Manowar has made a statement about Logan’s arrest, which you can read below. The band most certainly performed with him and knew about the charges on their recent “The Final Battle World Tour”, after his arrest warrants were served for these offenses took place between June 18th and August 2nd, 2018, according to published reports. Bail was set to $35,000, which he has since bonded out. There is no minimum sentence for these charges, and for adults over the age of 19, they carry a severe Class ID Felony charge with a sentencing rate between 3 to 50 years in prison, with some sentences escalating more severely depending on how many charges a defendant has against him in total. has also reported the warrants revealed the following: 

The warrants say Logan was in possession of several videos which depicted girls between the ages of four and 12-years-old engaged in a variety of sexual acts with unidentified men. Each video is described in graphic detail, including one scene where a girl age 10-12 “chokes and becomes visibly upset.”

We’ll keep tracking this story as it develops.