Monica Strut Launches The “Being In A Band Membership”

Music Marketing expert and Music Industry coach Monica Strut has launched a private membership mastermind to help bands reach their full potential and get on a path to success. The “Being in a Band Membership” is now officially open for enrollment at the link below. The membership includes The Being in a Band Membership is a monthly subscription-based masterclass for serious musicians that will give you the knowledge, insights and support you need to take your music career to the next level. Monica is the vocalist for the band The Last Martyr, was a former music journalist for Heavy Magazine, acclaimed for her marketing courses for band, and also a podcaster. She is well known for her acclaimed The Social Media Shredder and PR Made Simple courses, among other DIY courses that give independent bands the resources they need to reach their goals.

Each month you’ll get:

A new masterclass/mini course on a different topic such as music marketing, branding, release strategy, Facebook ads, media & PR, mindset & personal development and so much more!

A live group consulting/Q&A call where you can pick my brain and get personalised feedback on your band’s strategy Access to a private Facebook community just for you, me and other musicians who are taking music seriously as well. Click here to sign up

As a bonus, the first 10 people into the membership will get access to my signature course, Social Media Shredder (or another course of choice if you’ve already done it)

Monica commented:

I created this membership because now more than ever, bands need to be working on their online presence.

They also need knowledge and strategies relevant to 2020’s music industry as well as support not only from a strategic perspective, but also a mindset perspective.

Because if you lack self-belief, motivation, inspiration or don’t have the right people around you, you’re just making things harder or you won’t have the stamina to be in music for the long haul.

For far too long early-stage bands have been stuck stabbing in the dark when it comes to what to do next in their careers.

I see bands making mistakes each and every day that are costing them time, money, sanity and sometimes their careers.

After 2 years working with hundreds of musicians whether it be privately through my consulting, online courses or as part of my Facebook group, I KNOW what the average local band is missing.

It’s not talent. It’s not passion.

It’s the know-how to market their music, stand out from the crowd, grow their audience and get those bigger opportunities.

When it comes to musicianship and songwriting, that’s on you, homie!

But when it comes to the tools and strategies to get your music out there, that’s where The Being in a Band Membership comes in!

I have specifically made this membership REALLY affordable.

I also guarantee you that it will be some of the best money you ever spend on your career.

If you have loved my podcast, being a part of my free Facebook Group or just the general stuff I share on social media and beyond (or enjoyed any of my paid stuff for that matter), you’re going to die at what I have in store for you as part of this membership program.

So, Keith, if you’re taking this shit seriously and want answers as to how best to get your music out there, buckle up because I am SO ready to help you kick some massive goals.


Don’t forget, you get free access to my course Social Media Shredder by being one of the first 10 members in!

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Rock on,