Mina Caputo Releases New Album “The Mones”


Life of Agony frontwoman and Rock and Metal legend Mina Caputo has surprise-released her latest solo album, The Mones exclusively via Caputo’s Bandcamp. Caputo has been a solo artist for many years and has released 17 albums either as a solo act or inside bands outside of LOA. Mina’s ability to marry her powerful voice with vulnerable, yet hero lyrics is her calling card. Mones contains12 more tracks that further this legacy. The album features bass performances from John Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) and Rick Boston (Joe Cocker). Mones was produced by Mina and Andy Kravitz, with Mastering and Artwork/layout by her LOA bandmates Joey Z and Alan Robert respectively, with an album cover photo by Michael Anthony Alago. Stream and purchase the album here.

  1. California 02:11
  2. She 02:29
  3. Single Leaf 02:38
  4. Holding Up This Fall 03:47
  5. G.L.O.M.S. 04:09
  6. Summer in Wolf’s Bean 04:32
  7. Phyllis 04:46
  8. TV Babies 05:30
  9. Released 04:21
  10. All the Wild Horses 03:12
  11. P2 (I Need You) 03:11
  12. Brand New Skin 06:23


  • Produced by Mina Caputo + Andy Kravitz (‘A to the mf K’)


    All lyrics by Mina Caputo. All music by Mina Caputo, Andy Kravitz +

    Rob Mastrianni.


    Mixed and arranged by Andy ‘A to the mf K’ Kravitz at Studio4 West Venice Beach.


    John Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) plays bass on Summer in Wolf’s Bean.


    Rick Boston (Joe Cocker) plays bass and piano on “Brand New Skin.”


    All songs ℗ by Moth Frog publishing (ASCAP) & A to the K Music Publishing (BMI) 2020


    Mastered by Joey Zampella at The Nest Studio, Long Island, NY


    Track sequencing by Maya R. Odinezenko • Layout + Artwork by Alan Robert • Photo by Michael Anthony Alago


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