Militia Vox Shares Horror Classic “The Raven” for Halloween

Militia Vox (solo, Judas Priestess) has shared a spooky treat for Halloween, her new recording of the Edgar Allen Poe classic “The Raven”. The recording, a spoken word, and accompanying track score by Militia is perfectly creepy, wonderfully performed, and is a must add to your Halloween playlists. Check it out!


Militia comments:

“During this lockdown, I improved my home studio, affectionately dubbed “The Electric Church” [a la Jimi Hendrix.] I had the idea to do “THE RAVEN” for a while and I had many requests for spoken word from friends and supporters. I finally got it done, thanks to quarantine. I narrated the poem, recorded it, underscored it, mixed and mastered it myself. It was a bitch but so worth it. I had to dig in and finally teach myself mastering by downloading and trying out various plug-ins, lots of trial and error and ‘stacking the sonic plates’ so to speak… It took me about three days straight, with minimal time off for meals and some sleep, to work the balance out. [This kind of thing is NOT uncommon for me, I get obsessive when I’m working.] Because I tend to prefer what I call ‘whale sounds’ – tones so low they sound like they’re coming from deep in the ocean- ie. sub basses, drones, etc… they can be tricky to mix and master but the end result is something that is sure to make you shiver.”




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