Metalocalypse Included In New Exhibition At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

When it comes to rock and heavy metal, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame often comes up lacking as far as diehard fans are concerned. In a case where they got it 100% right, their new exhibition Stay Tuned: Rock On TV is all about the history of music told through the lens of television and video, and features the much-missed Metalocalypse – Dethklok show in it.As reported by co-creator, director, artist and author Jonathan Schnepp on his Twitter account last week and on his Collider Video show yesterday, Schnepp shared the news that Dethklok original artwork and other collateral was included in the exhibit launched on May 26th .

The exhibit covers the history of music on television and video and includes historic memorabilia from performances and clips from The Ed Sullivan Show, Saturday Night Live, late night TV, MTV, legendary music videos, and much more.

Ghost Cult has reported at lengthin the past at what happened to the show and why co-creator Brendon Small was not allowed to bring the show back for a final season, despite major fan and industry interest. Small has focused on his Galaktikon musical project, and more recently his live comedy performances.