Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Says The Band Doesn’t Appreciate His Influences

In a new interview with Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, as part of Rolling Stone magazine’s “Musicians On Musicians” issue, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has complained that his contributions don’t make it into new Metallica albums because the band is not receptive to some of his outside musical influences.

Musicians on Musicians: St. Vincent & Kirk Hammett

The guitarist revealed his frustration during a conversation with

“I always feel like I have so much more to say on [each] album, but I can’t say it,” Hammett said. “It’s crazy, because I’m so curious about music in general. I can play a lot of different stuff. I’ll play some jazz, bossa nova, blues, gypsy jazz, fucking Eastern European ballads. I play all that stuff. But no one knows I can play this stuff. It’s so crazy. I’m always trying to sneak in jazz voicings and chords, little techniques here and there in Metallica.”

When Clark asked Hammett whether he gets shot down by the rest of Metallica, Hammett responded: “All the time. That sounds too bluesy.’ And I’m, like, ‘Fucking hell, it’s just a slide. All right, whatever, tone police.’ But you need tone police. Tone is super-important.”

Hammett recently said that he has already accumulated “a lot” of “kick-ass, great” ideas for Metallica’s next album.

The Metallica guitarist famously lost his iPhone containing hundreds of riffs in 2014. About six months later, he told “The Jasta Show” podcast that he “was crushed” when it happened, but still expressed hope that it “might turn up.”

Hammett is not credited on any of the songs on 2016’s “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” album.