Messa Suffered a Horrific Tour Bus Accident, a GoFundMe Has Been Launched

Terrible news as Doom Metal band Messa was involved in a head-on collision bus accident while on tour this weekend. There were no fatalities, but all members of the band and crew suffered multiple bad injuries, some requiring surgery, and apparent rehabilitation. The band’s van was totaled and possibly their gear as well. They has issued an update on social media and has thanked the fans for their support. A GoFundMe was launched to support their recovery, or feel free to buy music from their Bandcamp. Messa who released their amazing album Close via Svart Records earlier this year. Please help if you can.


Please support the GoFundMe here:

Or their Bandcamp


From the band on Facebook:

Trigger warning: accident

Yesterday night after the last show of our tour we got in a car crash.

Another driver coming from the opposite direction went straight at us on our lane and impacted with us frontally.

The whole crew is alive, the van is destroyed and some of us will have to undergo surgery. We are okay, but it will take us some months to recover fully. More updates will come soon.

If you want to support us during these hard times, you can buy our records via Bandcamp or donate here to help for everything we’ll have to go through:… (link is in bio too)

We probably won’t be able to answer all of you, but we do appreciate and cherish each and every thought for us.

The relief of hearing the live voices of us all, checking on each other’s state while in the van right after the accident, is something that will not fade away easily.

Much love to you all. To better days,

Messa, Otto, Matteo