Members Of COC, Bloody Hammers, Demon Eye Form Doom Supergroup Lightning Born

Low-key doom supergroup Lighting Born has formed with members hailing from notable bands such as Corrosion of Conformity Bloody Hammers, Demon Eye, The Hell No, Hour of 13 and Mega Colossus. The doom metal collective with roots in North Carolina and Maryland has signed a world-wide deal with Ripple Music, and are already working on a new album due out in late 2018.

Doza Hawes commented:

It’s not every day that you get to pick your dream line up of musicians to start a band. This is the easiest songwriting process, us all together, that I’ve ever had. The songs just pop out almost instantly”.

Lightning Born debuted in 2016, rocking their debut show with Conan and Serial Hawk in their hometown of Raleigh, NC. They have shared the stage with The Sword, Earthless, Mountain, The Obsessed, Karma to Burn, Ruby the Hatchet, and many others. They performed at the Maryland Doom Fest in 2017 and were invited to return in 2018.


Their eponymous debut album, recorded and produced by Mike Dean, is slated to release Nov. 2018 on Ripple Music.


Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) – bass

Erik Sugg (Demon Eye) – guitar

Doza Hawes (Mega-Colossus, Bloody Hammers, Hour of Thirteen) – Drums

Brenna Leath (The Hell No) – vocals