LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Melvins TV: Volume 2 – Divine Monkeyshines Valentine’s Day Special

A Melvins Valentine’s Day Special……. Yeah…….. let that sink in for a moment. If you were anything like me you started with a puzzled look that slowly turned into a grin as the gears began turning trying to imagine what this could entail. With Covid changing the game everyone has had to dig into their bag of tricks and hustle like never before. It’s like touring (thanx to social media) has turned into who can be more creative and really tap into what they think their fans are going to want. So, a lot of bands have been going the route of the “Live Stream ”, but how the hell do you get ppl to pay to watch a band play in front of nobody? I mean it’s like sitting in on a rehearsal, it’s cool but you’re not getting the feels or the energy of the crowd and artist interaction.

The Melvins though, seem to be on the right track. Presenting: Melvins TV: Volume 2 Divine Monkeyshines Valentine’s Day Special. The name alone conjures up all kinds of craziness, and believe me if craziness is what you want this “stream” did not disappoint. The “show” starts with an 8-minute intro consisting of a test pattern with some free jamming in the background. First, up is the Dale Crover Group playing cuts from Dale’s new album Rat-A-Tat-Tat (Joyful Noise). This part of the show reminded me of when a buddy of mine had first gotten into video production back in 1900 something. FX that runs the full range of creative and intriguing to downright cheezy with old school pans and swipes from frame to frame. Throw in some hospital gowns and funny “covid” masks and it was a good time. They were entertaining and reminiscent of bands like Mudhoney, Nirvana and of course The Melvins very grunge.

Next up The Melvins, this really took me back. This segment reminded me of the old days of the VHS. Getting some bootleg copy of one of your favorite bands’ tapes, everybody riding their “boards” over to a buddy’s house, popping the cassette in the VCR, and kinda losing yourself for a minute. It starts out with Buzz and Steve shopping in a convenience store for toilet paper. I’m not going any further than that as far as play by play, but it’s classic Melvins. We then get treated to awesome visuals (probably some of the best so far in the “Live Stream” age) killer riffage and of course the stories. Including a story about Kurt Cobain going to jail and a lesson on cooking fries in an air fryer. This was definitely one of the better shows I personally have seen and definitely look forward to the next.


Not to mention the 1983 stuff!!!



Billy Fish

It’s Shoved

Let It All Be

Roman Dog Bird


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