Megadeth – Super Collider

Megadeth-Super-Collider“Burn baby burn cos it feels so good/burn baby burn like I knew it would” no these are not lyrics from a seventies disco hit but the chorus of the third track on the new Megadeth release “imaginatively” entitled ‘Burn!’ It’s a worrying entry which will again have both fans and detractors casting aspersions regarding the sanity of one Mr. Mustaine.

Such god awful lyrics may be expected from a tired old has been of the glam metal era but when they are delivered by the voice of thrash metal’s most politically astute, polarizing and thought-provoking artists then something has gone horribly wrong.

Cringeworthy and questionable lyrics aside, there is a lack of technicality with many a generic mid-paced riff underpinning songs like Off The Edge’. Perhaps the lack of technicality can be attributed to drummer Shawn Drover whose kit work, while solid, still feels like that of a hard rock player rather than an out and out heavy metal percussionist.

‘The Blackest Crow’ pulls another curveball with the addition of banjo yet, while it’s a brave experiment, it sounds like a Volbeat cast off at best. Touted as a crackpot and conspiracy-obsessed nutter, Mustaine has carved a career from controversy and while recent albums have been strong since the return of bassist Dave Ellefson to the lineup, Super Collider sounds like the wheels may be coming off. ‘Dance In The Rain’ rails against “the dead end 9-5” and the “big brother” surveillance society we find ourselves in yet his intentions are questionable. Considering his own controversial views on issues like gay marriage, one wonders how much Mr. Mustaine would fight to protect certain people’s civil liberties.

The latter track even features a backup vocal from Disturbed mouthpiece David Draiman whose contributions are thankfully difficult to detect. Attempting to shy away from the controversy and focus on making great music Mustaine has written the most watered down and disappointing album since Risk He is apparently content to fit comfortably into mediocrity which is especially disappointing considering how strong the last couple of Megadeth albums were.

Undeniably one of the greatest guitarists in metal with a C.V. of hits acts of today would sell their firstborn children for, the distinct lack of hooks and memorable riffs seriously wounds Super Collider. The odd break of fret wizardry cannot save what is unquestionably one of this year’s most disappointing albums.

2 / 10

Ross Baker

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