Maynard James Keenan Tweets: The New Tool Album Will Release Between May and July

In yet another message from Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, he has given his opinion on how much work is left before Tool can release its new album. He opines that the album will be out between May and July, that the band is mid-way through with mixing and has more work to do still. Still, this is encouraging news in the seemingly never-ending cat and mouse game the band, the fans and members of the press are playing with each other. This comes after Keenan answered a fan on Twitter that the album would not be out in April as Danny Carey said it would ‘likely” be at The NAMM show!

Midway through mixing. Most likely be a few recalls. Then some arguing. Then Mastering, Artwork, Video, Special Packaging, etc. Best Ballpark Guess- Release date somewhere between Mid May and Mid July. More focused updates to follow as we progress. @tool #simplemath”