Maynard James Keenan Casts Doubt On New Tool Album Coming This April

By answering a tweet last night, Maynard James Keenan has quelled some of the excitement from last week when Danny Carey apparently revealed the release of the new Tool album was to be this April of May. Responding to a fan question about the album and if it was indeed coming this April, Keenan replied “No”. He has yet to respond to other posts in the thread. This was on the heels of Danny Carey sharing that the album would ‘likely” release in April or May, followed by the band uploading new visualizers o their official website. Of course, Tool are master manipulators of the media (mea culpa) and notorious funsters who love prodding their eager fanbase with mind games, practical jokes, and fake outs. They have done this since the beginning of their career. We’ll keep following this story as it develops.




Danny says mid-April is the plan for new Tool album release