Matriarchs Share New Single and Video “Edge Lorde” ft Jarren Benton

LA Modern Hardcore band Matriarchs have shared a new video for their new single “Edge Lorde” – featuring rapper and lytricst Jarren Benton! You can check out hte clip below. “Edge Lorde” follows the bands’ recent string of singles, and EP, and their acclaimed full-length album Year of The Rat, and routine social media content during the pandemic era. Watch the clip now!


Matriarchs drummer Ben Levi comments: “I discovered Jarren Benton last year, Ironically the spotify algorithm had slipped one of his tunes onto my queue after my playlist had finished. I instantly fell in love, looked him up and hit him up with something I had been working on and he was down to kick it off for us. Both K (Matriarchs vocalist) and I are huge fans, and are super proud of what we were able to come up with together. All Jarren had was a song title and the music but he set the tone right away and it was easy to vibe lyrically off of that. There are a lot of different elements we don’t normally use and we were interested in expanding our sonic means of communication. We are very proud of this release.”


Matriarchs lineup:

K Enagonio – Vocals

Carlos Pagan – Guitar

David Rubenhold – Bass

Ben Levi – Drums


Check out our recent interview with Ben and K:


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