Marty Friedman Is Putting The Finishing Touches On His New Solo Album

marty-friedman-2017Photo by Sinestra Studios

Marty Friedman has just revealed that he is putting the finishing touches on his next solo record. The follow-up to 2014’s incredible Inferno album is expected to come in 2017, and with 207 new demos in the works, he has a ton of material to choose from. Here’s what he told Guitar World about the recording process so far: “This is going to be my thirteenth record and I think I’ve finally found the way to do it properly. I spend a lot of time writing and demoing. So by the time I’m playing it for real in the studio, I can play all of the stuff, and it’s really easy to ad-lib out of it and do cooler things than I had originally intended. When you have a good demo, it’s so much more easy, fun and painless to go in the studio and bang out the real tracks.

Just like with Inferno, the new album will also feature guest appearances from major names in the scene. So far he has confirmed the guys in Mutoid Man, Jørgen Munkeby of Shining, and Jinxx of Black Veil Brides will appear on the record, so that only adds to the high anticipation for the new music. Find out more information in the latest issue of Guitar World, but start getting excited now. Any time Marty Friedman has new material in the works, it’s good news for ears all across the world!