Manes Share New Music Video, New Album Due Out Next Month

Norwegian experimental metal band Manes have shared a music video for their new single ‘Endetidstegn’. The track is the opening salvo from their new album Slow Motion Death Sequence, due out 24th August via Debemur Morti Productions. Directed by Guilherme Henriques, whose past visual collaborations with artists such as Belphegor, Wormed, and Hideous Divinity; the clip for ‘Endetidstegn’ is a bleak horrorscape, which matches the trippy music perfectly. Watch it now!

The band commented on the track:

“The title Endetidstegn is Norwegian and translates as sign (or signs)

of the end times. A lot can be found right there. In many ways, it can

deal with the notion of inevitability or destiny, and how some feel

constricted by this – and thus how the signs of what is to come is

merely registered and nothing more. As with much of what we do, this

song has a somewhat conceptual framework, but is truly given definition

or signification in convergence with a listener. The proverbial fist

that hits you in the stomach hits even harder when formed in your own


Pre-order the new album here: