Machine Head to Release New Single “Do Or Die” Next Month, New US Tour Dates Incoming

Machine Head has spent the summer gearing up for the “Burn My Eyes 25” World Tour, featuring two line-ups of the band performing in one night. A new MH track ‘Do Or Die’, will be released next month along with the announcement of the U.S leg of the band’s Burn My Eyes tour. Ghost Cult broke the news this spring that the band was at Shark Bite Studios cutting tracks for a future release. As reported by, during an August 23 Facebook Live session, frontman Robb Flynn revealed that “Do Or Die” “has been done forever. I’ve been waiting to fucking drop it with these fucking dates,” he said. “It’s taking for-goddamn-ever. So, now that we finally got the dates, we’re gonna be dropping some new shit for you.” As of now, we don’t have an exact date. An announcement of US dates and on-sale tickets will likely be followed by the announcement of new members of the new touring lineup and possible the upcoming regular recording lineup, since the bad held auditions for new drummers and lead guitarists before that recording session.

According to Flynn, “Do Or Die” was recorded last December with the help of Warbringer drummer Carlos Cruz.

“I had just been wanting to make music, and so right after we got done with the last tour, I was, like, ‘I’ve gotta make music,'” Flynn explained. “I had all these fucking songs written for months now, since April [of last year], and I wanted to go and write them and record them and jam them with the dudes. So my engineer Zack [Ohren] arranged for Carlos Cruz, who is the drummer for WARBRINGER. He played in POWER TRIP — an awesome new, modern thrash band. Sick-ass drummer — awesome drummer. Young guy, really cool. He came up and jammed with Jared [MacEachern, bass] and I. [He] just fucking killed it. It was awesome playing with him. And it really inspired me, kind of brought me out of my funk. I’d been really wanting to write new music for a while, and it was just right place, right time. The dude was amazing, and I can never be grateful enough for everything that he brought to the table. Awesome dude.”

Flynn said that Machine Head’s session with Cruz yielded about four or five new “jams.” “Not all the songs got finished, but it was just cool fleshing them out,” he said. “And so it gave me a lot of time to work on ’em, sing vocals, all this stuff.”

The release of “Do Or Die” will be followed by the arrival of more new songs from MACHINE HEAD. “We’re gonna start dropping a steady stream of new music — standalone songs,” Flynn said. “There’s not gonna be an album; there’s just gonna be a steady stream of standalone tracks that are consistently released. And then eventually they may or may not end up on an album. But we’re mixing it up. We wanna do this new model where we can put stuff out faster and get new music out quicker to the die-hards.

“We wanna have this ability to not just have an album come out every three years, which is what we’ve been doing — every four years sometimes — and just make it quicker and more consistent and more like a regular thing,” he explained. “I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but I’m definitely excited about it. I’m excited for you guys to hear this new shit.”