Lock Up Shares New Song “Inside Cthulu’s Eye” – Marking the Return of Tomas Lindberg

Legendary Grindcore and Deathmetal band Lock Up has dropped their first new song “Inside Cthulu’s Eye.” The track hails the return of classic vocalist Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates, as well as makes the debut of Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis to the line-up (replacing Nick Barker). Kevin Sharp (Venomous Concept, ex-Brutal Truth) remains in the group as a co-vocalist with Lindberg, and sess Sharp lend some sick backing screams. Check out the brutal new track now!

Says bassist Shane Embury (Napalm Death) of the track and accompanying video:

“I am super stoked with our video for ‘Inside Cthulhu’s Eye‘ from Chariot of Black Moth it captures the right balance of concept and chaos! It’s been a long 13 months and hearing this song back for the first time in a while I can’t wait for our album to be mixed… play fast or die!!!”


Not-so-coincidentally, Lock Up’s 2005 release, Play Fast or Die: Live in Japan, is getting a vinyl reissue, which will come with a 7″ of “Inside Cthulu’s Eye.”

New album ‘The Dregs Of Hades’ coming winter 2021 !

Vinyl reissue, preorders including exclusive bonus 7inch here : https://www.shop-listenable.net/fr/209_lock-up

Video : Credit @Chariot of Black Moth

‘Play Fast or Die – Live in Japan’ Tracklist :

1 Feeding On The Opiate

2 Castrate The Wreckage

3 Violent Reprisal

4 Detestation

5 Afterlife In Purgatory

6 Triple Six Suck Angels

7 Slaughterous Ways

8 Submission

9 Hate Breed Suffering

10 Dreams Are Sacrificed

11 Leech Eclipse

12 Broken World

13 Delerium

14 The Jesus Virus

15 Horns Of Venus

16 Tragic Faith

17 Slow Bleed Gorgon

18 Pleasures Pave Sewers

19 Fake Somebody (Real Nobody)

20 Cascade Leviathan


Bonus 7inch :

1) Cyphers of Fortune

2) Inside Cthulhu’s Eye

3) Radiation Sickness (REPULSION cover)


Band line up :

Shane Embury (bass)

Tomas Lindberg (vocals)

Kevin Sharp (vocals)

Anton Reisenegger (guitars)

Adam Jarvis (drums)


Band link :



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