LIVESTREAM REVIEW: The Black Dahlia Murder’s – Yule Em All

Ho holy shit, did you catch The Black Dahlia Murder’s holiday livestream? I hope you did because it was a Christmas miracle. Aptly titled “Yule `Em All,” this was definitely not your typical livestream (or Black Dahlia show, for that matter.) Jam-packed with the bands’ trademark sense of humor and brutal riffage, the night was fueled by holiday joy and metal mayhem.

The performances were broken up into four segments with each featuring unique costumes and creative sets which included a gorgeous church which the band proceeded to trash with glee. In between each set were comedy sketches which included an animated global warming warning, a traditional holiday screaming match, and a surprise appearance from Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher hocking ham flavored sanitizer (see what I did there?). And who can forget the epic closer: a drunken rendition of “Silent Night” followed by a whole lotta drunken behind-the-scenes debauchery.

I wanna thank frontman (and all-around awesome human being) Trevor Strnad and company for inviting us to the holiday party 2020 deserved. It is the perfect present to take the edge off this dumpster fire of a year. Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals!

You can buy The Black Dahlia Murder’s album Verminous at this link.