LIVESTREAM REVIEW – Ministry Worldwide Livestream


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Industrial Metal giant Ministry was forced to cancel their 2022 European tour. Rather than close out their year quietly, they chose to perform Industrial Strength Live streamed via the high-def 4K Hitkor platform.

Having seen their intense live show earlier this year, I was doubtful that the experience could be recreated virtually. As the stream started, it was quickly evident that this would be everything you have come to expect from Ministry, with some new twists. My couch has now become the best seat in the house without anyone to obstruct my view and my headphones allowed me to hear every note clearly. I was able to choose from 4 camera angles to view the show and could toggle between them. I was able to be right up front with Al Jourgensen one minute and have a birds eye view above Roy Mayorga’s drum kit the next. That is something one simply cannot do during a traditional live show and I was happy to enjoy the master showing off his craft.

Jourgensen at one point invited the viewers to join him for a Sunday church service featuring Black Sabbath on the Sabbath day as he introduced their cover of ‘Supernaut’. The large screen behind them played psychedelic deep space images and the lighting created such a vivid visual that it was hard to believe I was in my living room and not at the show.

During a short intermission, Ministry displayed images of their history as a band as well as paid respects to lost band members who have contributed to who they have become today. The next few songs are from their most recent album, Moral Hygiene (Nuclear Blast) which Jourgensen feels is one of their best. He is very interactive with the crowd during ‘Alert Level’ and encourages them to join him singing and is clearly enjoying their participation. The show ended with British guitarist Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, Royal Machines) joining them for their cover of The Stooges’ ‘Search & Destroy’.

Jourgensen thanked everyone for attending and declared “On a Sunday, I’d rather do this than watch football.” I couldn’t agree more. If you have doubts about attending a virtual show, let me assure you that you forget it’s indeed virtual as you immerse yourself in the experience. You will see: from the front row, amazing lights, bird’s eye views and multiple camera angles to choose from. You won’t see: the back of the tall guy’s head in front of you, a long line at the bathroom, and a crazy circle pit during Thieves unless you create your own.

You can access the live stream after signing up for an account at:

This is a web based platform which does not require you to download any software.


Set List:


The Missing




Burning Inside


Just One Fix


So What

Alert Level

Good Trouble

Search & Destroy

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