LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Avatar Ages- Age of Madness Livestream

Avatar took my live stream “virginity” away in this concert Ages|Madness from their series of Livestream concerts titled Ages, which has been running since January 9th and will end this upcoming weekend on January 30th. The Swedish band demonstrated why they are one of the most popular and entertaining bands in the genre right now by giving a performance that very well is worth the “price of admission” that COVID normalcy has given us for these types of events since we cannot go to live shows for the time being. Avatar was able to set a tone and ambiance like no other with this performance which was concentrated on tracks from the albums Black Waltz (Gain Music Entertainment)and Hail the Apocalypse (eOne Music).

Among many entertaining traits, the band was able to have three different settings that included a room with many doors, that eventually turned to be a great setting for singer Johannes Eckerström and drummer John Alfredsson to play around a little between songs, one typical stage with drums being on top of the band, and one room that seemed like a normal rehearsing room but with the amenities of having the logo of the band on fire as they were playing. It was just a captivating, entertaining, and creative experience for both the fans and the band. The most surprising element of the performance is Eckerström’s commitment to the performance. The vocalist jumped, rolled all over the floor, played the trumpet and piano, sang and was able to maintain a level of energy over the hour and half of this setlist, it was impressive to watch this kind of performance.

I won’t spoil too much about the overall experience so you can have the chance to watch it yourself this upcoming Saturday, but I can say that when there’s a necessity, creativeness leads the way and Avatar knew how to make it worthwhile for everyone to watch their show and enjoy it as much as possible as if there were playing in front of thousands and thousands of people.

Set List:
1. Hail the Apocalypse
2. Torn Apart
3. Blod
4. Napalm
5. Black Waltz
6. Let it Burn
7. Paint Me Red
8. Puppet Show
9. Ready for the Ride
10. Vultures Fly
11. Tower
12. Murderer
13. Get in Line
14. Tsar Bomba
15. Bloody Angel
16. Smells Like a Freakshow