It is quite outstanding when we sit down to realize how human nature can easily adapt (for better or worst) to its surroundings and environment. Particular historic examples in the music industry like the shift of the typical major label model, to music piracy, to streamings platform era, and some more social events, like a pandemic, are some of the major challenges that musicians have had to deal with through history. How some musicians have been able to, somehow, stay on their feet and continue to deliver quality products to their fans it’s simply remarkable. Some bands have been able to release some formidable production, and an example of this is Tesseract’s latest livestream event P O R T A L S (Kscope Records), released in December 2020.

The British band brought a top-notch performance that continues to prove why they’re currently one of the top exponents of Progressive Metal. The band with its heavy riffs, beautiful yet demanding vocals melodies, and overall tightness and beautiful atmosphere were able to capture the perfect ambiance on which their music should be appreciated. TesseracT performed tracks from their entire catalog in this epic, 2-Hour long set. The event’s setlist included classics like ‘Nocturne’ from their debut EP Concealing Fate (Century Media Records) and ‘Eden’ from One (Century Media) to more recent efforts like ‘Tourniquet’ from Polaris (Kscope) and, my personal favorite, ‘King’ from their latest studio album Sonder (Kscope).

The overall quality of the audio production of P O R T A L S is top-notch and gives continuous evidence of the talent that infuses this band. The definitive attention to small details is heard all around, to the point that it may invite fans of other subgenres of Metal to enjoy their work and turn them into fans. P O R T A L S will be released in different formats including a Limited Edition Deluxe 4 Disc Book Edition, Blu-Ray Edition, and 3LP Gatefold/2CD Edition/digital. More info (here).

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8 / 10