Listen to Mike Portnoy’s Isolated Acapella Version of The Beatles’ “Because”


Mike Portnoy (Sons of Apollo, Neal Morse Band, Flying Circus, ex Dream Theater) has been a busy guy during the coronavirus quarantine. He just shared his contribution to an as-yet to be unreleased acapella cover of The Beatles classic “Because” from Abby Road. The final track will include his Sons of Apolla bandmates Jeff Scott Soto, and Bumblefoot! 


Mike commented:

This is my Vocal Cam/Track from the Voices Of Apollo Acapella Version of The Beatles’ Because

I took George’s part which is lowest harmony of the three, but also one of the trickiest melodies…(Jeff Scott Soto did John’s Middle Part and Bumblefoot took Paul’s High Part) This is one of the greatest 3 Part Harmonies in the history of contemporary music…it was so much fun tackling this amazing piece of music and vocal harmony!