Listen To Lemmy Kilmister’s Final Studio Recording

Just before his death in 2015, Motörhead‘s Lemmy Kilmister finished what would become his final solo studio recording. The track, titled ‘We Are The Ones’, was a collaboration with Chris Declercq, Josh Freese and Martin Guigui, and has now made its way online. Martin Guigui, who also co-produced the song, told Rolling Stone this about the experience, “I focused on cracking the code to the song’s truth, which is Chris’ artistic ability to craft a lyric and melody for Lemmy’s rock & roll persona, and then Lemmy’s soulful vocal delivery which is the heart of the song. Ultimately, my role was to stay true to Chris’ vision, and complete perhaps what Lemmy would have envisioned as well. It is really an homage to Lemmy, with his participation, which is wild. The studio vibe was electrifying and inspiring throughout all our sessions. You could feel Lemmy’s spirit hovering, which is why each decision and every step we took was creative stylistic instinct with respect to Lemmy’s originality, sound and legacy.

Stream ‘We Are The Ones’ below, and for more information on the track, head over to Rolling Stone. Long live Lemmy!