Listen to Kalen Chase (Vimic, Korn) Cover Christmas Classic “O Holy Night”

Incredible Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kalen Chase (Vimic, Korn) has shared a new single, “O Holy Night” from his holiday cover album Hi-Fi Americana Christmas. Though it’s a departure from his metal roots, the track serves as a crossover to his singer/songwriter project and will cater to both dedicated fans and new fans of the novel sound. Listen to the track now!

Chase states, “Many don’t know this, but I started out in a Christian gothic metal band. We were horrible, but we were big fish in a small pond and we legitimately wanted to represent Christian fundamentals and help the youth in our community stay away from harmful decisions. This effort was met with an entire town boycotting the band and the church turning its back on my entire family. But nonetheless, “O Holy Night” was the first song I ever performed live and I wanted to take a little rock and roll approach with it.”

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