Listen To James Hetfield Discuss co-Founding a Non-Profit with All Within My Hands

Metallica has shared a clip of James Hetfield discussing the impetus for the band for founding their All Within My Hands foundation. The band initially wanted to raise money for charity, but now seeks to make an impact not just by donating money, but creating outreach programs that really help reshape the lives of the less fortunate. In this clip, Hetfield discusses the Metallica Scholars program which donated 15 million dollars to vocational schools and community colleges. The Metallica Scholars initiative was created in 2019 through a partnership between All Within My Hands Foundation (AWMH) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), a Washington, D.C.-based organization representing the countries more than 1,000 community colleges.



Hetfield states (as transcribed by “All Within My Hands was formed out of a want and a need to help, to give back. There were some things that were somewhat obvious that we could all agree upon, like natural disasters or food — something like that. But then beyond that, how do we get into education with the trades and skills? And getting in to find the passion was super important to us. And all of those people that don’t fit the Ivy League road to success, we want a place for them. We feel that our music is that place for the forgotten, the invisible kids, the misfit-type people that don’t think they fit in. Being able to highlight and to love and to shine some heroism, some thank yous on to all of these trades and skills that are lifelong is pretty important for us.”


Says Metallica: “We strongly believe that dedicated members of all industries, not just the ones society tends to focus on, deserve respect and admiration. It is our honor to assist these students as they work toward establishing sustainable careers. We see your passion and we thank you for your extremely important contributions. #HelpingHands2020 #MetallicaGivesBack”.