Listen to a New EyeHateGod Song – “High Risk Trigger”

As we previously announced, Southern Sludge Metal kings EyeHateGod have re-signed with Century Media Records and will drop their highly-anticipated new album, A History Of Nomadic Behavior, due out March 12th. Listen to the first new song, “High-Risk Trigger” below. Lyrically, the song is cryptic and abstract, but it touches on the all-pervasive fears bred by an invisible germ storm sweeping through the nation and a society sickened by police brutality: “Infection is the way, disruptive crowd takes aim/Burn down the rail yard house, destroy the U.S.A.”. We need this right now in 2020!

Singer Mike IX Williams said of the songs on the album, “We’re not a political band, but it was hard not to be affected by the news from the past year. During this recording, I thought a lot about how stupid humanity has become and how America is now completely divided with these people who don’t believe in science and blindly follow liars and nonsensical ideologies. Some of those feelings may have found their way into these songs, but it is mostly subliminal.”



For the U.S.:

Black vinyl available via

Limited edition glow-in-the-dark vinyl via Century Media U.S. store (250 available)

Limited edition evergreen vinyl via retail (500 available)

Limited edition brown swirled vinyl: via Revolver (300 available)

Limited edition CD digipak

Digital album

Outside of the U.S. the following physical formats are available:

Ltd. CD Digipak

Transparent coke bottle green LP+CD & Poster via CM Distro online store (200 available)

Grey LP+CD & Poster Distro via CM Distro Wholesale and online store (200 available)

Transparent magenta LP+CD & Poster via CM Distro Wholesale and online store (300 available)

Lilac LP+CD & Poster via Kings Road Merch (200 available)

Creamy white LP+CD & Poster via EMP and Nuclear Blast (200 available)

Black LP+CD & Poster


A History of Nomadic Behavior album cover, artwork by Gary Mader and Mike IX Williams

A History of Nomadic Behavior track list:

Built Beneath the Lies

The Outer Banks

Fake What’s Yours

Three Black Eyes

Current Situation

High Risk Trigger

Anemic Robotic

The Day Felt Wrong

The Trial of Johnny Cancer

Smoker’s Place

Circle of Nerves

Every Thing, Every Day


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