Liquid Death Drops “Greatest Hates Volume II” with Punk Rock Legends

The refreshing water and sparkling water in 100% recyclable cans, Liquid Death Mountain Spring Water, has throngs of fans, is wildely successful, but also has crazy haters on social media has dropped their second album in 2020! The band has dropped Greatest Hates Volume II across all digital and streaming services. The album will also be released on vinyl at a later date (fun fact: the first Greatest Hates vinyl sold out quickly — one is now even being resold for $220). Volume I featured Death Metal music, but Volume II Produced and mastered by punk musicians and industry veterans, the 14-track album is made up entirely of real hate comments from Liquid Death’s social media and online reviews. The record features Punk heroes such as Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms), and Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), to name a few. (note Ghost Cult Magazine is an affiliate of Liquid Death)

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Ashrita Kumar (Pinkshift)

Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms)

Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)

Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio)

Jen Razavi (The Bombpops)

Jer Hunter (We Are the Union, Skatune Network)

Joe Principe (Rise Against)

Josh Lewis (The Bombpops)

Paul Miner (ex. Death by Stereo)

Tim McIlrath (Rise Against)


Greatest Hates Volume II Track Listing:

Rather Murder Myself

Think It’s Funny to Joke About Eternal Damnation?

Blood Everywhere???

Good Try, Devil

I Thought This Was Alcohol

Heavy Metal Hipsters

Remove the Ad

Your Product is Dumb

Unnecessary and Unimpressive

Fuck Your Ads

Stop This Trash

Another Contribution to a Very Sick Culture

Liquid Lame-O

Definitely Not Buying